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WENKO hangers - for each piece of laundry the right hanger

Our practical everyday helpers can easily restore order and ensure astonished and questioning looks at family, friends and relatives: Wow, in your closet it looks so tidy, how do you do it? - These are practical hangers, especially for trousers - and there are four pieces at once? - You got everything in a vacuum bag? You know the answer: WENKO makes it possible! Our hangers in the closet or the wardrobe for clear conditions and for a tidy picture.

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Skirt or trouser hanger - hanger with well thought-out function

Jackets, scarves, pants, skirts, blouses, shirts - every piece of clothing gets the right underwire and the best protection against unpleasant creases. Everything stays nicely organized and always at hand. Our hanger assortment offers you a wide selection: no matter whether it is made of metal, wood or plastic - there is the right model and the right color for every taste and every requirement. We also have a large selection of shapely designer hangers and combi-hangers, which make everyday life easier and ensure order in the wardrobe or at the cloakroom. WENKO hangers are available in all variations and variations as well as with the better idea: whether they are non-slip coated, so that your clothes always have a secure hold, or practical functional hangers in the form of space-saving hangers, tie clips or skirt hangers, for every requirement and for you every problem we have the right solution in the assortment. It does not matter if you hang up your blouses or you want to stash your shirts crease-free in your closet.