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Tradition and innovation as the basis for corporate success

The success story of WENKO-WENSELAAR GmbH & Co. KG begins at the end of the fifties. With a sound instinct for better ideas for the household, the necessary inventiveness and entrepreneurial passion, the founders, Wietze Wenselaar and his wife, Maria Köllner started off by marketing the first metallised ironing board cover in Germany.

At that time this was an absolute novelty and formed the basis for the later business success of the family company, whose name “WENKO” originated from the combination of the founders’ names, Wenselaar and Koellner. 

WENKO The Company
WENKO Business Divisions

Strong Pillars at retail & E-Commerce sales

Today WENKO has strong pillars: on the one hand the area of the stationary trade and the ever-growing e-commerce sales in the areas of bathroom, kitchen, laundry and living. Secondly , the area of the mail-order and "Do it yourself" extend beyond its own extensive range of products in many practical household in the areas of garden, spa, health.

Added value in Logistics with high efficiency

The modern, semi-automatic high-bay warehouse in Hückelhoven has a capacity of 34,000 euro pallet spaces. The shipping-optimized delivery concept with Euronorm cardboard supports the warehousing of our customers. In the affiliated production section, we can even meet individual packaging and labeling requirements. Wishes that make it even easier for you to offer customers a tailor-made range with interesting products.

WENKO Logistics
WENKO Responsibility

Sustainability & Environmental awareness

Today, sustainability and environmental awareness are central topics of our society.

Our responsibility to the environment and the society in which we operate and sustainability are essential components of our economic success and firmly integrated into our business processes. 

WENKO abroad

WENKO can look back on independent development and good business and is now also positioning itself through successful subsidiaries in Spain, Italy and France. The goal is to position ourselves worldwide as a quality label that stands for innovation and practical benefits.

WENKO Tochtergesellschaft Spanien