WENKO is the “Brand of the Century”

A real favourite among the public

Hilden, 26 January 2022. The ‘ZEIT’ publishing house has nominated WENKO as the “Brand of the Century”, including the company in the exclusive circle of Germany's strongest brands. The award in the product category “Bathroom accessories” distinguishes the Hilden-based company for its product diversity, which has enjoyed a high level of popularity among consumers for more than 60 years. It also rewards WENKO for its tradition of regularly and successfully establishing innovations on the market that have a decisive influence on the entire segment of household products.

WENKO has become a synonym

WENKO offers a range of over 5,000 articles, owns more than 1,500 patents and trademark rights and launches around 500 new products every year. WENKO has long since anchored itself in the minds of Germans as one of the strongest brands for household articles; every 1.05 seconds, a WENKO product is sold worldwide. This has now been rewarded: in the award of “Brand of the Century” just as BMW, Golden Toast or Alpina, which are also symbolic of their own product category.

“It’s a great feeling”

“The award as Brand of the Century makes us extremely proud,” says Niklas Köllner, who runs the family business together with his brother Philip in the third generation. “Anyone who thinks of innovative household products from Germany inevitably thinks of WENKO. It’s a good feeling being a part of consumers' lives in this way. The title is really a great reward for us and everyone who contributes to the success of the brand every day.” Whether in retail stores or online: Anyone looking for quality products for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry and the home can’t help encountering WENKO, because the brand sets the standards in its field.

For further information, please refer to www.wenko.com.

About the brand of the century:

The illustrated book “Deutsche Standards - Marken des Jahrhunderts” (German Standards - Brands of the Century) has been issued by the ZEIT publishing house every three years for 20 years now and commends about 200 traditional and innovative German brands. During the selection process, the independent jury of experts first selects the product categories and then looks for eligible brands, which it then evaluates. Dr Florian Langenscheidt will present the 2022 anniversary edition on 10 February in Berlin.For more information, please refer towww.deutsche-standards.de.