Top award-winning shower heads

PowerBoost and SoftWater enrich WENKO's award-winning shower head range.

Hilden, 13 September 2021. Two systems from the WENKO shower head family were recently named "Product of the Year 2021/22" by the trade press. Now the successful range has been joined by two further shower technologies: PowerBoost and SoftWater once again emphasise the high standards of the household goods manufacturer - as winners of the "Plus X Award 2021" for high quality, design and ease of use, they seamlessly join the presentable ranks of WENKO's top award-winning shower heads.

PowerBoost for powerful body and long hair care

The new PowerBoost shower head is equipped with 96 powerful high-pressure jets that intensively invigorate the skin with their firm jet and not only effectively cleanse the body, but also vitalise it - like a massage at the spa. In addition, the extra strong water jet quickly and thoroughly removes any shampoo residue, especially from long hair. In addition to the

In addition to the energetic PowerBoost function, the shower head has two other spray types that enrich the wellness experience: a rain function that refreshes gently like a tropical shower and a combination of both variants. The PowerBoost showerhead is available round or rectangular with rounded corners and is made of sturdy plastic coated in shiny chrome. The nozzles, which are super easy to clean of limescale, are grey.

SoftWater for gentle relaxation and pampering moments

Just as the PowerBoost is the "powerful one" among the WENKO shower heads, the SoftWater is the "gentle one". Micro-fine water droplets flow velvety onto the skin from its 324 integrated nozzles, so that the body is gently relaxed and finally cleansed as well as pleasantly refreshed while showering.

With 324 nozzles and three function levels, the SoftWater shower head (left) pampers gently and carefully for a shower feeling like silk. Meanwhile, the PowerBoost shower head (right) scores with an extra-strong massage jet even at low water pressure and removes all shampoo residues from long hair.

The ultra-soft rain function and an intensive water jet further perfect the pampering shower head. At all three settings, the water trickles pleasantly quietly and hardly splashes at all - a comfort plus that protects tiled and glass shower cubicles from unsightly water marks. The SoftWater hand shower from WENKO is available in matt black and in chrome with a black spray plate. This modern design makes it a real eye-catcher in the bathroom even when the shower itself is not being used.


All shower heads from WENKO are winners

The PowerBoost and SoftWater are the logical addition to the shower head systems with which WENKO has long been convincing. Just like the two series Automatic Cleaning and WaterSaving - the two "Products of the Year 2020/21" - they are now available in DIY stores, furniture stores and online. And they continue the success story that WENKO is telling with its top award-winning shower heads as well as with many other products for the home, totalling over 5,000.